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Pendant light “Bumling” by Anders Pehrson for Ateljé Lyktan. Sweden 1960s


A red “Bumling” in very good condition. Only very minor scratches at close examination. No breaks in the “raster” (plastic bottom grid) and functioning top button/switch. This is an early version without the visual steel studs at the top of the shade.

Bumling, designed by Anders Pehrson for Atelje Lyktan, is a pendant that despite earning its iconic status in the 1970s, still looks modern in today’s homes, and represents great Swedish quality and design now as then. ‘Bumling’ means boulder in Swedish, and is used colloquially to describe things colossal or otherwise unwieldy. It is what a friend of the designer Anders Pehrson allegedly called Pehrson’s new pendular lamp when it was first exhibited at the 1968 lighting fair in Gothenburg. The lamp in question was bulbous, bright green and over half a metre wide. This was the birth of Bumling, a Swedish design classic.

I try to make the pictures reflect the true look, color and condition of the piece. If you have any questions or want additional photos please send a PM before buying.

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