Pendant light by Yki Nummi for Orno. Finland 1960s


Width: 18 centimeters, Height: 26 centimeters, Depth: 18 centimeters

Medium size pendant light made from four powder coated metal sheets attached to each other with metal spacers. The gaps between the sheets are fitted with matte golden blinds that hang in a way so that the exiting light creates a soft golden glow without direct vision of the light source from any direction. The shade also gives a neutral light downwards over a table or object as well as soft light upwards. A very clever and unusual design solution.

Yki Nummi was born in China into a Finnish missionary family. He graduated in Finland and initially studied mathematics, physics and art history. However, he moved to Konstindustriella Centralskolan where he graduated in 1950. He immediately got a job at Orno and continued there until 1973. Yki Nummi was a pioneering designer by using plastic as a material. The new, modern acrylic was Nummi’s main material and he created many classics for Orno which were manufactured at Sanka Ab. In the Milan Triennale he received a gold medal in 1954 and 1957. His fixture was also awarded at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958.

Stockmann-Orno A.B. was a major lighting factory, founded in 1921 in Helsinki, Finland. In 1936, Stockmann became the owner of Orno an the company moved to Kerava in 1937.

Before and during World War II the luminaires were designed by Bertel Lindholm, Gunilla Jung-Pircklén and Gunnel Nyman. From the late 40’s to the 60’s, Orno’s main lighting designers were Lisa Johansson-Pape and Yki Nummi.

I try to make the pictures reflect the true look, color and condition of the piece. If you have any questions or want additional photos please send a PM before buying.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

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