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Vintage Rotaflex pendant light. Sweden 1960s


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Height: 20 centimeters, Width: 27 centimeters, Depth: 27 centimeters

A well kept minimalistic Rotaflex (plastic) pendant light. Creates a very nice warm glow with its characteristic spun plastic pattern. Designer and producer unknown.

Rotaflex is basically a manufacturing process more than a brand or producer. Initially, Rotaflex was the method of moulding cellulose acetate into lampshades, patented in 1946 by Danish civil engineers Bent Højberg Pedersen and Bent Panker. In 1960, after years of licensing the manufacturing process, Pedersen and Panker founded a Danish company called Rotaflex. The cellulose acetate is provided through a thin nozzle onto a mold that spins creating a spiral of plastic thread. The light through the lamp sades creates a very distinct warm and pleasant glow.

The term Rotaflex is most often used in combination with the name Heifetz referring to Yasha Heifetz who ran the US-based company ”Heifetz Rotaflex” started in 1955. Heifetz had originally been the the American distributor for the British company ”Rotaflex Great Britain LTD”. Most Rotaflex lights you come across on the internet today are said to be Heifetz but not so many of them are. Very few of these lights were marked and there is lots of confusion. The first light manufacturer to use the term Rotaflex was French company ARP (Atelier de Recherches Plastiques) They were distributed and sold by many different companies in Europe who all took credit for its origin.

This particular light being sourced in Sweden is probably made by Bergboms, Sweden or Stockman Orno, Finland unless it was imported. Good condition with no breaks or cracks. Some slight discoloration on the top as seen in the last photo.

Standard E 27 light bulb socket.

I try to make the pictures reflect the true look, color and condition of the piece. If you have any questions or want additional photos please send a PM before buying.

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 20 cm

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